Tasks, habits, & notes in one place.

Discover Beyond

Task Manager

Built around task management, Beyond allies simplicity and power.

Natural language input

Use natural language to specify a due date, a time, or a recurrence, when configuring a new task.

Today view

Reduce your stress level and increase your productivity by carefully planning out your day to the minute. Address or reschedule overdue tasks.

Week View

Use the Upcoming Week section to get a clear view of what lies ahead. Drag and drop a task to reschedule, or simply swipe left.

More features

Reminders, priority levels, notes, Siri support, & multiple selection editing.

Habit Tracker

Form new habits to better yourself.

Calendar view and stats

Visualize your achievements with the interactive calendar. Stay motivated by keeping up streaks.

Flexible configuring

Track habits recurring daily, weekly, or at intervals. Specify the number of check-ins required to mark off a day.

Simple dual layout

Switch between a list of the habits due and a list of all habits.

More features

Start date, reminders.

Note Keeper

Write down what's on your mind.

Text Formatting

Type up your text with style: make it bold, italic, underlined, stricken through, or turn it into a heading.


Create checklists inside your notes by adding interactive checkboxes.


If you want a note off your main list but don't want it gone forever, archive it.


Keep your most important notes at the top of the list using the pinning feature.

Available on the App Store

Requires iOS 11 or later. Compatible with iPhone.